3 People Jesus Died For
There is something that we all have in common. This common thread runs through every last person that has ever walked the face of the earth. I think we'd all agree on this common thread in humanity - we have missed the mark. In fact, we miss the mark on a daily basis. Whether in our words, thoughts or deeds we can't seem to do things perfectly. And so, the Bible claims, for this reason, Jesus came to this earth to die. It seems extreme, but it's true. Since every person that has ever lived has missed the mark, and you and I are included in this massive amount of souls, and Jesus died for everyone who has missed the mark, then dare I say that Jesus died for you. We might divide up all of humankind into three categories and each of us are in one of those categories. These are the three people that Jesus died for. Which one might you be?

Jesus died for religious people. Humanity has been trying to reach God on their own since humankind has walked the Earth. We have come up with all kinds of ways of reaching God and each of them has failed. Each of these religious attempts have a common thread that goes something like this - try to be good and God will be pleased. Religious people are those who believe themselves capable of reaching God on their own merit. Doesn't sound so bad, does it?

It's bad. It's real bad. None of us are capable of living perfect lives. Unless you serve a tiny God who likes to overlook some real bad stuff, then you are incapable of measuring up to the standard of holiness that the God of the Bible requires. According to Jesus, no one can reach God on their own. He says it's impossible. Jesus was talking to religious people when he said that salvation is impossible on our own merit. 

Religious people come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. They are good people, bad people, church people, believers and unbelievers alike. But they have this in common - they do not know that Jesus died and rose in order to finish a work they could never complete on their own. 

Jesus also died for irreligious people. Maybe you are a person who doesn't really care much, or think about religion, God or religious ideas. This might include people who are hostile toward ideas about God and His existence. Irreligious people come in the same sizes, shapes and flavors of religious people. They are good and bad people. They are churched and unchurched people. The point is that
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