A Christmas Letter From Pastor Dan
Dear Stone's Throw Church,

From my family to your's, we'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.  We just wrapped up "Christmas at Stone's Throw" last night and I'm still on a high from several days with all of you – worshiping Jesus and celebrating Christmas.  It was a blessing to see how the congregation answered the call to reach out to family and friends during the Christmas season and invite them to hear the Gospel.  I am personally encouraged by all of you and your love for Jesus.  

This year we were able to grow as a church in so many ways.  We worked through some of the deepest doctrines of our faith.  We studied some of the most intense questions life has to offer in Ecclesiastes.  We experienced great joy in Philippians.  We are beginning to see the fruit of the hard work of so many for several years in our children's ministry.  We have one of the tightest bands around who can bring the house down with their music.  Financially, the church answered the call to reach big goals.  We have added new members who are precious to the congregation and who are already ministering to others. Our youth ministry is growing.  Our outreach efforts were increased.  We held our first worship service on our land.  We are one year away from possibly paying off our mortgage.  Yes – we have accomplished some great things this year.

I have one question for us as we consider all of these great accomplishments – will we count it all as a loss when compared with the glorious riches of Jesus Christ?  Will we forget the past and press on toward what lies ahead?  Will we race toward the upward call of God in Christ Jesus?  

To be sure, this past year was a good one.  But will we, like Paul, not rest in our accomplishment but rather press into the accomplishment of Jesus.  I pray it may be so.  In our short history God has been so good to us – but there is still greater work yet to be done. I for one, am glad to be doing it with this church, with all of you.  

Tomorrow, my wife and children and I will enjoy Christmas.  We will do so with a full heart.  Our full heart is due in some part to how this church has treated and loved us since the beginning.  I pray that I have been able to return that same Christian love in some small way to each of you.  

My prayer for you this Christmas is that there would be long moments when you can reflect on what God had done for us on that first Christmas day.  That day was an eternity in the making.  All of heaven rejoiced because a light had shone in a dark world.  My prayer is that this same light of Christ would shine in your homes this Christmas season.  

I thank God for all of you daily.  I thank God for allowing me to be a part of such a great work as this Gospel work.  My family and I want to life you up in prayer this season and this year as you continue to partner together to make much about Jesus.  

We love you very much and we pray that you will have a Merry Christmas.  

In Christ,

Pastor Dan and Family
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