A Radiant Hope
Members of our church, Nick and Kristin Lindner, have been a walking a trial by fire. Nick was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and was initially told he only had a few months to live. Since then, Nick was able to find aggressive treatment and continues to fight every day. If you ever meet Nick, you would never guess that he has been going through cancer treatment. 

One of the ways in which I have been encouraged by Nick is the way in which he loves and cares for his wife and young children. They are also battling along side of Nick. They have been warriors as they walk this path. 

Kristin told me about a ministry that she would like to introduce to anyone who might feel called. Please read her invitation:

"Do you know a woman who has cancer or is a caregiver for someone? Radiant Hope is an organization that wants to encourage them by sending a package of goodies that will hopefully bring them some joy during a very difficult time." 

"I received a care package from Radiant Hope soon after we found out my husband had Stage 4 Melanoma and it meant a lot to me - there was a book in the package that really encouraged me and brought me hope in the midst of great sorrow. Now I hope I can help this wonderful organization continue to bless other women with these packages. If you think of anyone who you would like to have receive a package, please send me a Facebook message (Kristin Lindner) or email me at kes220@hotmail.com. We would like to know a little bit about them and their situation so we know how to best pray for them as we put the packages together. Thank you so much!"

We often wonder how we can help others who are battling such terrible situations. This is just one small way in which you might be able to have a big impact. 
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