Born Again - What's Your Proof? Part 2
Today, R.C. Sproul tweeted,  "To call somebody a "born-again Christian" is like saying that such a person is a Christian Christian."  A truer statement may never have been tweeted – at least today.  Being "born again" and "Christian" are not just closely tied together, they are one in the same.  When we are born again it is because the Holy Spirit has acted in our life, implanted new life, and has enabled us to respond positively to the Gospel.  In that moment we have been joined together with Christ and our only response is faith in Christ and repentance unto life.  But how do we know we have the Spirit and have been born again?  Yesterday, I offered the first proof from John's first Epistle.  Today, I will offer the second proof that being born again is not a subjective feeling but an objective reality.  

Proof 2:  If you are born again you will have a desire to keep God's commandments.  

In I John 2:3, John writes, "And by this we know that we have come to know him, if we keep his commandments."   John says that keeping the commandments of God is also the proof that we have been loved by God and that we love God.  Doesn't this sound familiar?  John must have been reflecting on the very words of Jesus since he writes in his Gospel, "If you love me, you will keep my commandments…you know [the Holy Spirit] for he dwells with you and will be in you."  

If you are born again you will not only obey God but you will want to obey him.  You, like King David, will meditate on God's Law and want to follow God's Law.  A born again person will not find God's law to be a burden but rather a source of incredible joy when they live in obedience.  

This second proof links directly to the first proof of belief that Jesus is fully God and fully man and that He is the Savior of our soul and Redeemer.  If you believe that Jesus loved you so much that he would take your place on a cross and exchange your sin for his righteousness doesn't it follow that we would want to live in obedience to the God that came up with the plan in the first place?  

How do you respond to God's law and commandments?  Are they a burden or do you find delight in obedience?  If you have been born again, the Bible says that the only response to the Law of God is obedience and joy.  There may be times of struggle when your sinful nature wins out.  

There are areas in my life where the Holy Spirit is still working.  There are laws that I don't understand or wish I could find a loophole for disobedience.  I don't understand why I should love every enemy.  I don't even know how that is possible.  As a result, the Holy Spirit is working and equipping me to kill that sin in my life.  It is hard to forgive people as many times as Jesus tells us to forgive them.  It is hard to trust the Lord with all of my heart.  It is hard to lean on God when I feel like I will fall over the edge if I lean too far.  And yet, the Holy Spirit graciously works in me and equips me to obey and find joy in obedience.  

There are times when I intentionally sin against God.  There are times when I sin without knowing that I have sinned.  But in the end, the Christian always turns to the Lord in confession, repentance and finds joy in a new day where God's grace is new every morning.  Grace drives us toward obedience.  If you are born again under grace than you will absolutely want to follow God's commandments.  Jesus will not only be your Savior but the King as well.    

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