Grounded: God's Son
This week we will continue our series "Grounded: A Basic Doctrine" as we take a look at what we believe about Jesus Christ, why we believe it, and how it matters in life and culture.  

Jesus is the most important person to have ever walked the planet earth.  There have been more books written about him than anyone else.  There have been more people changed by his teaching than any other teacher.  There are more people in the world claiming that they worship Jesus than any other religious figure in history.  You could say that Jesus is a pretty big deal.  The claims that Jesus and his followers make about him are pretty epic as well.  Once you get past the central belief that Jesus was born of a virgin and performed miracles you have to deal with his claims to be God, to forgive sins and that his death on the Cross had some kind of relevance to us and all human beings.  Jesus is a pretty big deal with some pretty big claims about himself.  

The problem is that many people have no idea what they believe about Jesus, what the Bible really says about Jesus or how it matters in their life.  Many believe Jesus was a decent man and a good teacher, but are not ready to believe his claim to be God.  Some believe that Jesus was some kind of god but not the only God.  Some, like those who hold to the Muslim faith, believe that Jesus was a powerful prophet and that he will come back to judge the world.  Others believe that Jesus was a perfect human being but not God.  Still others believe that Jesus never even existed and that some power-hungry religious nuts made the whole thing up.  

The Bible is clear that Jesus was and is God.  He was God when he was born of a virgin.  He was God when he grew up in his household with his brothers and sisters.  He was God when he called the disciples.  He was God at his baptism.  He was God throughout his ministry.  He was God in the garden, God on trial, God on the Cross, and God in the grave.  Jesus was also fully man.  He was fully man as a baby, a teacher, a healer, in the garden, while on trial, on the Cross and in the grave.  He was fully God and fully man when he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven.  Belief that the nature of Jesus Christ is both God and man in one person is the essential doctrine of the Christian faith.  If you don't believe this simple doctrine about Jesus, you are not a Christian.  If these claims about Jesus aren't true than he is either a nutcase or he is taking people for a meaningless ride.  In any case you have to deal with the person and work of Jesus and his claims.  

This Sunday we will take a look at why this doctrine of Jesus' person and work is the central doctrine to the Christian faith.  We will also declare why it matters to the world around us.  What you believe about Jesus will determine how you see the world, the people around you, and the meaning you place on this gift of life.  Jesus has solved the problem of sin and he is making all things new.  This is good news that the world needs to hear.  
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