Grounded: God's Words
This week I am beginning a series at Stone's Throw Church called Grounded:  A Basic Doctrine.  We are setting out to answer three questions each week about great doctrines that we hold to.  Those questions are:

What Do We Believe?  Simply put, we will answer this question by stating the doctrine that we believe is the true teaching of Scripture.  We will dive into the meaning of the doctrine as we apply it to our life.     

Why Do We Believe It?  No doctrine is worth teaching unless it is taught in the Scriptures.  Though history, tradition, and sometimes opinions do matter, ultimately we have to study God's Word to learn about God, His relationship to us, and our relationship to Him.  To that end, we will take a look at the Scriptures to see why we believe the doctrine we believe is the true teaching of Scripture.  Ultimately, God's Word has to be final arbiter of truth.  

How Does It Matter?  No doctrine is worth talking about unless it compels us into worship and service of God.  It is great that we know what we believe.  It is even better that we know why we believe it.  But as James says, even the demons believe the great doctrines of the Christian faith.  Our doctrine has to matter in the world around us and in our lives.  

This week, I am beginning the series where many confessions begin - with the Scriptures.  Have you ever wondered where that leather bound book came from?  Or maybe you are using an app - why are those words more important than the latest novel on your tablet?  What does it mean when Christians say that they believe the Bible is the Word of God?  Are there parts of the Bible that are outdated?  Are there parts that we can ignore because they are from a bygone era?  And then there are the parts of Scripture that really boggle our mind.  What about those laws about slaves?  Doesn't the Bible suggest that women are to be oppressed?  And why doesn't God want me to eat shellfish?  What am I to believe about the Scriptures, why am I to believe it and why does it matter?

This week we are going to take a look at some broader questions that will help you to understand what Christians believe about the Scriptures and may even help you to answer some of the modern day questions you and your friends have about the Scriptures.  The Bible is a book written to us, by God, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, using human beings, to convey how God intends to redeem His people from sin.  It is perfect.  It is clear.  It is authoritative.  It is necessary.  It is powerful.  And it is living and active in the Christian life.  

Come check out Stone's Throw Church this week at 10:30am at Appoquinimink High and get in on the ground floor as we begin our series, "Grounded:  A Basic Doctrine."  
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