It's Go Time
In 2009 we dreamed of a church on the west side of Middletown that would reach our growing community with the Gospel.  In 2010 we held our first worship gathering in Middletown at Appoquinimink High School.  In 2012 we voted to purchase land on the west side of town and to begin planning construction of a new facility.  In 2013 we raised six hundred thousand dollars in about 5 months in order to go to settlement on our little piece of town.  Now, this Sunday, we will share the Stone's Throw Church building design with the entire congregation.  

To say that I am excited would probably be a little bit of an understatement and would also not truly communicate all of my feelings to you.  I am excited.  I am filled with joy.  But I am also humbled and really enjoying the awesomeness of the holy God that we love, worship and serve.  

It's go time.  It's been go time for the Christian church since Jesus called the first disciples and then sent them out into the world.  He gave them a strict instruction, "Go."  If we believe on the Lord Jesus for salvation and we worship him as King than it is always  go time for the church.  This project is no different than the many projects that our God has given to us.  Ephesians 2:10 says that our faith drives us to complete the good works that Jesus has prepared in advance for us.  It is a time such as this that we get to see a part of the work that Jesus has called us to.  

This Sunday we are going to share the story behind Stone's Throw Church, we are going to share the story behind the design of our new building, we are going to share the story of the cost of the building, we are going to share the story of how the church will steward her money, time, and talent to build this building - but greater than all of that, we will share the story of Redemption.  This building that we plan to build is a means to an end.  The means is to call the people of our communities together in one place to hear how Jesus has saved us from sin and saved us to a good work and has secured eternal life for us.  The means is worship.  The means are great children's programs.  The means are good sermons.  The means are a gathering spot for people from all backgrounds.  But the end is certainly the glory of God by the mercy of Jesus Christ.  

If you are looking for a church or thinking about coming back to church, consider checking out Stone's Throw Church this Sunday.  It's a great time to be a part of a local body of Christ that wants to be part of history and make history.  It's go time.  
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