More Than A Monday Morning

"For we are the temple of the living God..."  - 2 Corinthians 2:16

Our church is currently building the first Protestant church building to be built within our town limits in the past 40-50 years. For those who are in our church or are thinking about coming Id like to take a moment to update you on the building and to encourage you as your week begins on this rainy Monday morning. For those who are not a part of Stone's Throw, I hope you will also find encouragement in a quick illustration. 

It might be hard to see if you have been to the land recently, but our land is very quickly becoming a building. You can now see the layout of the land, the parking lot location, the building pad and our site as a whole. The day is coming, because of the work that is happening, that we will no longer ask, "Have you seen the land?" No, eventually, and soon, we will ask, "Have you seen the building?" 

The reason for this transformation is that our Building Team continues to work through a thousand details in order to transform a grass plot into a place of worship. 

This week, our concrete contractor is shaping and bending rebar. I never thought I would get so excited about something we will never see. The rebar will go into the footers and into the concrete pad in order to give the concrete strength. 

Our steel has been manufactured and is ready for delivery as soon as the footers are poured. Our Building Team is working behind the scenes to plan out the look, feel and function of the building as they line up contractors and continue to develop interior plans. Soon, you will see the foundation poured and the bones of the building rise up from the ground. 

On this rainy Monday morning, my prayer is that we would look for opportunities to grow in our faith, even in the small and mundane things of life. Because God has raised us up from death and into life! Whether you are getting the kids ready for school or have stepped out in faith to share the good news of Jesus - take heart that God has gone before you to guide your steps in his sovereignty. 

You might not think that these little Monday morning things are that big of a deal, but perhaps God is bending and shaping the rebar as a foundation in your life. Maybe the steel is on a truck and is ready to be delivered as God continues to do small things in your life and build up His temple in your body - for you are indeed the temple of the living God! 

My point is, that no matter how small or big your day is, God is working on a million things. No matter the news of the day, tragic, transcendent, good or bad - God is watching over you, working in you, and winning for you. 

Be encouraged this Monday morning. God is so much bigger than building church buildings. He is at work in your life today, building up his temple for his glory. 

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