Road Trip to the Open Doors, Part 1
It is 11:00am on May 27, 2016. 

Today was a momentous day that only a few were to experience up close but that many thousands of distant people will be a part of in the decades to come. It was a meeting that many might not find interesting at all and that for many others is just part of the mundane world of which they are a part. But this meeting today was the result of countless hours of work, prayer, and trials of faith and perseverance. 

Today, Stone's Throw Church took a huge step as the construction team met with and hired the company that will complete our site work so that we can begin building. For those of you that don't know what site work is, essentially, they will move lots of dirt in order to build our parking lot, adjacent roadways, curbs, ponds and drainage systems. All of this work is necessary in order to begin building our home. 

This was one of those many meetings that most people will never be a part of and in fact would not care to be a part of because they are gifted in other areas. But I was able to witness as a few men in the church, who are incredibly gifted in building things, brought to an end a long leg of our journey toward the open doors of Stone's Throw Church. Today, we are closer than we have ever been to breaking ground on our new building. God is doing something with this church.

There is an entire back story to this day and every day ahead of us that I will tell to the congregation some day. The short story is that in 2009, several men, Jake VanWingerden and Paul Palmer as well as myself, went on a search for a building where we could begin meeting as Stone's Throw Church. There was a driving rain that day as we looked all over Middletown for a place that would be suitable to plant a church. We met with local school officials. We met with warehouse owners. We met with building owners. We knew that the location would be a temporary one so naturally, our discussion that day and over time turned from a temporary location to a permanent one. This team of men researched too many pieces of property to count in the MOT area. 

The team also began to grow over time. Kevin Creek began to lend his expertise to the team and has since become an important part to the project. Pat Conner and Stu Lindner were instrumental in helping Stone's Throw secure our land and location. To this day, every single team member continues to work hard to build this church building. It was obvious that God was bringing together a team that is not only talented but passionate to see His church grow. All of these men and the many, many others in our congregation have used their talents and gifts to get us to where we are today. 

Over 6 years ago, the journey began on a rainy day. Eventually, the church bought our land, paid off our land, and all the while, this team of men have been working behind the scenes, using their gifts to move us toward the open doors of Stone's Throw Church. This journey is in fact a road trip to the open doors of Stone's Throw Church. 

As I sat in that mundane office today and watched and listened as these men offered the site work engineering job to the men on the other side of the room I was moved by what God was doing in them and in this entire congregation and in our community. God is answering our prayers right before our eyes. God is accomplishing His vision for our church as we make a big impact for Jesus in this community. I was watching and have been watching as the people of Stone's Throw have been participating fully in God's plan and mission for this church. I was quite literally watching God move. Our vision is not something for the future alone, our vision is happening right now!

Stone's Throw Church - we are close. We are very close it seems to the open doors. We have some big needs in the very near future that we will communicate with all of you. For now, I am asking you to pray - not just to ask God for more, but to thank God for what He has already done. Today, is a day of celebration. Let's enjoy what God has done as we also look forward to what He is going to do. 

When we all finally walk through those doors on the first Sunday morning that we gather under this new roof, remember that moment didn't just happen. God worked, His people were obedient and faithful, and many will be blessed because of it. That moment will have happened because of days like today and the many countless others that have come before it and are sure to come in the very near future. 

The pieces are falling into place. There are countless meetings and decisions to be made in the coming days. God is sovereign over every last detail. I pray that we would remain humbled to be a part of what God is doing as He continues to write our story. 

I will be writing many blog updates on our church building project from now and until we move into the building. You can follow the blog posts on our website or on your favorite social network. Follow me on Twitter at @Pastor_Dan. 

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