When God Answers
This past week, I preached the first sermon in a series from the prophet Habakkuk.  in the opening lines of the book, the prophet asks, "Why?"  He wants to know why God is allowing such atrocious things to happen to the very people He had once promised to redeem.  After a few great years of spiritual renewal Judah is about to lose everything and they will lose it to the worst of the worst - the Chaldeans.  As Habakkuk is watching this mess unfold he pleads with God in the form of a complaint.  In short he wants to know why God will not move against the enemies of His people.  Like Habakkuk, there are times when we look at what God has allowed in our lives and we want to know the answer to a simple question, "Why?"

After church, I spoke with a woman who was incredibly joyful.  In the conversation she shared with me what God was teaching her that morning.  Some time ago, she received word that her daughter had died in a tragic accident.  She said that as she received the news she went outside and fell to her knees and just screamed, "Why Lord!?"  A year later, the Lord answered her question in part.  She had found a little note that her daughter had written – a prayer that members of her sports team would come to know Jesus as Savior.  Shortly after she found her daughter's note she received a call from the coach of the team for which her daughter had been praying.  The coach told her that 14 of the members of the team had come to know Jesus as Savior and that a spiritual renewal unlike he had ever seen was taking place – the renewal started as the team grieved over the loss of their friend.  

I was moved by this woman's story and moved by her faith.  I believe that many of you have stories like this one and I want to encourage you to share them with the church.  Would you consider sitting down with me at the Exchange and allowing us to film your story?  The premise is simple - would you tell us about at time when you asked God "Why?" and he answered you? 

Your story might be the blessing and encouragement that someone else needs.  In fact, your story might be the answer to someone else's "Why?"  

If you are interested, could you please contact me by e-mail or phone so that we can set up a time to film.  It won't take long and you can just speak from your heart.  I hope to hear from many of you soon.  We will share these stories in various forums – online and during the morning worship gatherings.  

In the meantime, may the Holy Spirit empower you to do His work as you make much about Jesus this week. 
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