Where God Carries Us
We are 1 month into our 2013-2014 fiscal year as a church.  Each year, the Elders approve a War Plan that sets the course for the year.  We do our very best to pray through the goals we believe God is calling us to shoot for.  We organize these goals into objectives and tactical plans and we work hard to reach those goals and complete our objectives.  But in the end, no matter how detailed we are in our War Plan, it is God who carries us through the year.  

God took us to some wonderful places this past year.  New members joined the church in 2012-2013.  We baptized new believers and babies.  The church continued to grow.  We launched some new community groups. We bought land.  We experienced an incredible mountain top experience during some special worship gatherings - Big Tent Gathering, Easter weekend, and who can forget our Christmas Eve-Eve worship gathering?  God gave us a vision for what Stone's Throw may become should we remain faithful to the preaching of the Gospel and making much about Jesus.  

We have our plans set for this year.  We want to construct a new building.  It has already been a huge undertaking.  But God has given us this vision and we have agreed to be part of the journey.  Last year around this time we voted as a congregation to take on a two phase 3 million dollar campaign. We were able to raise 1.2 million during phase one and bring in enough money to reach the land settlement table.  It was humbling to be part of the whole process.  Now we are taking on our biggest phase yet and our biggest project to date as we look to begin construction on a 25,000 square foot church building in the heart of the very community we are trying to reach.  Stone's Throw Church will literally be a stone's throw from where our community is doing life.  

Where will God carry us?  I do not know.  I know that we have set our plans and have sought God's wisdom.  But God has carried us to much bigger places and I believe He will do the same this year.  The question is not about money, buildings, growth, loans, construction costs, or debt.  The question is about faithfulness.  It is not about God's faithfulness, but rather our faithfulness.  God will be faithful.  He is perfectly faithful.  Will we be faithful in trusting in God's everlasting faithfulness to His people?  If you remain faithful you will experience incredible blessing from God.  I am not suggesting that this blessing will come in the form of money or buildings or success.  What I am saying is that by merely trusting in God's faithfulness we will get to experience what God has in store for us according to His will and no matter what that is, what goals we reach, what objectives we complete or do not complete, God will show Himself to us and prove Himself faithful once again.  His faithfulness in and of itself is the blessing.  

What do I hope to see happen this year?  I want to see people come to know Jesus.  I want to see long time religious people repent of trying to be their own Savior.  I want to see men rise up, put on their big boy pants and begin leading.  I want to see current leaders reinvigorated for the Gospel.  I want to see a church set on fire by the Holy Spirit.  I want to see reformation come to our homes where mommies and daddies are teaching their kids about the tragic and transcendent more than the mundane things of the world.  I hope to see a church that multiplies community groups because men and women have a bigger heart for Jesus than they do for social gatherings.  I hope to see the Bible preached in relevant and memorable ways as the Holy Spirit transforms lives.  I hope to see a shovel in the ground that we just purchased.  I hope to see Stone's Throw become the big presence, in a big community, with the big impact for Jesus that we have always dreamed of.  I hope to see Stone's Throw become active in mission work.  I want to see God carry us.  

I believe God is carrying Stone's Throw Church.  He must be carrying us because if I am carrying the church then we are in real trouble and would have already died off.  God is carrying this church into the next year and the many years beyond.  I am looking forward to experiencing His faithfulness alongside of all of you.  Let's see what He does through His people.  
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